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The decision to end a marriage is an incredibly difficult one to reach. Regardless of the reason for divorce or separation, it’s an emotionally challenging time for everyone involved. The complexity of the legal systems surrounding divorce is yet another stress or on top of it all. If you’re filing for divorce in Beckley, West Virginia, you want to find legal representation that can advocate for your rights and fight for the best possible outcome for you.

There are a lot of factors to consider in a divorce, including division of property, custody of children if you have them, and alimony or child support. It’s important that someone is on your side who understands the full breadth of the legal system of divorce and has experience with cases similar to yours. This way, you can be assured that your attorney understands the nuances of your circumstances and can work to their full extent for the best outcome possible.

Beckley Divorce Lawyer

Beckley, WV Divorce Attorneys

If you’re looking for qualified family law divorce attorneys in Beckley, look to our firm at Erica Lord Law Group. We have the most experience in the area and almost two decades of experience with cases in West Virginia. We can professionally and expertly handle your case and answer any questions or concerns you have about the process. Our team wants to be sure you understand your rights in a divorce and how we offer you the best legal advocacy.

At Erica Lord Law Group, we approach your case with confidence and fiercely pursue equity and fairness in divorce cases. With our legal counsel, you can better understand the complicated process of divorce and work with our incredibly skilled Beckley divorce lawyers to reach a positive outcome for your divorce case.

Why Do I Need a Beckley Divorce Lawyer?

While it’s true that you can take care of a divorce case on your own, this is often much more difficult than people expect – especially if there are any outside factors in the divorce. A professional family law attorney can help you meet deadlines and understand the requirements necessary, relieving a lot of strain from your already stressful situation. On top of this, an attorney can better advocate your rights in proceedings, ensuring the best results for you.

By filing your divorce and advocating for yourself, you could end up jeopardizing the divorce outcome by failing to understand legal proceedings. This is the case even if both you and your spouse are on the same page and in agreement about the divorce. In a contested divorce, where you have disagreements that need to be parsed out, this leaves you even more vulnerable to being taken advantage of by the opposing party of the legal system.

A Beckley family law divorce lawyer can help you navigate the difficult and complicated landscape of divorce proceedings and save you immense amounts of stress. They can also provide you with invaluable resources during the procedures that may be necessary, depending on the circumstances of your divorce. Our professional team at Erica Lord Law Group wants to provide you with the assistance and information needed so you can make the best-informed decisions possible.

FAQs About Beckley, WV Divorce Law

What Are Divorce Laws?

There are both no-fault and fault-based proceedings in West Virginia, and you can file for either. A no-fault divorce is presented by both parties together and cites either a year of separation or irreconcilable differences as grounds. In the case of fault-based divorce, one party can file for divorce but must prove wrongdoing. Grounds for fault-based divorce include permanent insanity, adultery, cruel and inhumane punishment, desertion, child abuse or neglect, a conviction of a crime, or habitual drug use or drunkenness.

Can I Do My Own Divorce?

While it is possible to file a divorce without an attorney, it is not recommended. If you have a contested divorce, you could find yourself losing more than you should. Other factors can complicate a divorce, such as having children who are minors, owning a home or business with your spouse, a retirement plan, or pension for one or both of you. In these cases, it’s necessary to secure your custody, support, and property rights protections with an experienced family law attorney.

How Much Are Divorce Lawyers?

The amount paid to a divorce lawyer depends on an array of factors. If you have an uncontested divorce, it’s less expensive than a contested divorce usually. Most family law attorneys charge an hourly amount, so the longer your proceedings take, the more expensive the process. Generally, most divorce lawyers charge anywhere from $100-300 an hour, but certain factors can make a divorce more expensive, such as high-income divorces.

How Do I File for an Uncontested Divorce?

The procedures for an uncontested divorce aren’t as straightforward as other state procedures. An uncontested divorce is reached through a written agreement between both parties in a settlement agreement, which covers the basics such as division of property and debts, child visitation and custody, spousal support, and child support. Then, if you fit residency requirements, you can file that along with other documents, and the court will review and likely approve your divorce.

Finding Divorce Counsel with Erica Lord Law Group

Depending on your circumstances, divorce proceedings can take a long time. It’s an emotional process that’s hard for everyone, and the outcomes can influence the rest of your life. By having a qualified Beckley lawyer that takes your side and protects your best interests, you can better secure positive results in your divorce case. This way, all your legal bases are covered by a professional with years of case experience in similar situations. Contact Erica Lord Law Group today. The sooner you talk with an expert about your divorce case, the easier it will be to handle the issues and challenges that may come with it. We take pride in our highly qualified team and our ability to advocate for your rights in a divorce case.

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