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Divorce is emotionally stressful and complicated without any outside circumstances, and this can be exacerbated by complex divorce situations. Though every divorce is hard and difficult to go through, a complex divorce adds more logistical issues and complications. When you have a lot of assets, your divorce falls into a different category than most divorces, making it more involved. It creates more items to parse through, and there is more to discuss. Complex divorces often include high net worth, high income, or high-asset divorces and can generally include high-conflict divorces.

High-asset divorces require unique experience from your attorney. They demand a lawyer who can analyze and evaluate the personal and financial relationships between a couple, as well as a lawyer who can help you work through the assets with your best interests in mind. If you are someone going through a high-asset divorce, you need to find a divorce attorney who understands the difficulties and nuances of a complex divorce and has experience in this area of family law. Though many divorce lawyers have experience with standard divorces, a complex divorce demands legal representation from someone who has the experience and detailed understanding of high-net-worth divorces. At Erica Lord Law Group, we have the experience and expertise needed to properly handle your complex divorce case.

Charleston Complex Divorce Lawyer

What Is a Complex Divorce in Charleston, West Virginia?

There is a reason that high-net-worth divorces are put into a different legal category than a standard divorce – the procedures and discussions involved are challenging and require a lot more effort. Even if the parties don’t have conflict between them, there are just more properties and assets to look through and divide property between both parties. For this alone, the divorce process of a high-asset couple takes much longer. When high conflict is added into this situation, it can be even more time-consuming and complex.

A complex divorce in Charleston is a divorce that includes high assets, high income, or high conflict. To be considered a high-asset divorce, either one or both parties must have a large number of investments, properties, or high-value assets. This could include family businesses, large estates, or professional practices.

Even if both parties wish to cooperate with attorneys and each other, the case still becomes complex thanks to the many-layered issues that come with the assets. In order to protect those assets, you will want the assistance of a qualified and experienced complex divorce attorney. Complex divorce attorneys are even more necessary when your divorce holds more contentious issues or involves elements such as:

  • Ownership of a business entity, real estate, benefits plans, or employee contracts
  • Finances that are forensically reviewed or are in question
  • Assets requiring evaluation, such as a family business or professional partnership
  • Debt distribution, taxes, or intangible property that needs evaluating
  • Assets in foreign countries or states
  • Antagonistic spousal behavior

Your Charleston WV Complex Divorce Lawyers

If you’re dealing with a complex divorce in Charleston, WV from high-asset or high-conflict, Erica Lord Law Group is the best divorce attorney firm for you. For two decades, we’ve been handling highly complicated and challenging cases, including those of high-net-worth, high-asset, and high-income divorces. We understand the concerns of families dealing with these cases and have the expertise necessary to give you the best legal care in your divorce.

Why Do I Need a Complex Divorce Attorney?

During complex divorce proceedings, property and asset division is incredibly difficult. It’s challenging to understand how you want to divide these investments and properties up, and it can cause serious conflict between parties. Some of the common properties in high-income or high-asset divorces can be your:

  • Home
  • Vacation properties
  • Other large estates
  • Businesses and their interests
  • Retirement funds
  • Stocks and bonds

By including a skilled high-asset divorce attorney, you can better protect your assets and relieve stress and confusion. An experienced legal team has the resources needed to contact financial investigators, accountants, and other property and financial experts to ensure that the process goes smoothly for both parties. This also ensures that both parties understand the true worth of assets and don’t have to struggle between themselves. Parties can better protect their interests with the help of a Charleston divorce attorney.

FAQs About Charleston, WV Complex Divorce Law

How Much Does a Divorce Lawyer Cost in West Virginia?

Cost is dependent on the attorney and the circumstances of the divorce. Because divorce attorneys generally charge an hourly rate, the length of time your divorce takes is also a factor. Some attorneys charge more for high-asset cases because of the immense skill and experience needed for complex divorces. The average fees for West Virginia lawyers are just over $200 an hour.

How Is Property Divided in a Divorce?

During divorce proceedings, attorneys negotiate for your interests, but the final decision rests with the judge. West Virginia property is divided based on an equitable division of community and separate property. This means the court determines a fair division based on the past efforts of both parties as well as their needs in the future. It is the job of your attorney to present your needs and efforts in the best light so you receive the best outcome possible.

What Is a No-Fault Divorce State?

West Virginia is a no-fault divorce state, which means that both spouses can file for divorce either on the grounds of separating for a year or by citing irreconcilable differences. However, West Virginia is a hybrid state, meaning you can file for a no-fault divorce or a fault-based divorce. In these cases, when one party files for divorce, they often need to provide proof of fault. Some of these grounds include adultery, permanent insanity, conviction of crime, cruel and inhumane treatment, habitual drug use or drunkenness, desertion, and child abuse or neglect.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Divorce?

Litigation is often required in the case of high-asset divorces, and contested divorces can take one to two years.

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