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Ending a marriage can be extremely difficult in several ways. No matter what the underlying reason for your divorce may be, the process is always emotionally stressful. Beyond the personal strains you are likely to experience, the divorce process also poses many legal challenges. If you are filing for divorce in Charleston, WV or responding to your spouse’s divorce petition, you need legal counsel you can trust to guide you through your dissolution proceedings. Attorney Erica Lord and her team at the Erica Lord Law Group can provide the detailed and personalized legal guidance you need to approach your case with confidence and peace of mind.

Attorney Erica Lord has nearly 20 years of experience practicing law in West Virginia with a keen focus on family court matters. If you are divorcing, you should be prepared for a difficult and multifaceted process that is best navigated with the help of a seasoned Charleston divorce attorney. As your legal counsel, Attorney Erica Lord can help you make informed decisions about every phase of your divorce case and help you reach a positive outcome.

Why Do I Need a Charleston Divorce Lawyer?

It is technically possible to handle your divorce case without an attorney. However, doing so is likely to be far more difficult than you initially expect. Not only would you need to meet strict court filing deadlines and satisfy other statutory requirements for proceeding with your dissolution, but you would need to do so unassisted while managing your everyday responsibilities. This is incredibly difficult and is prone to many risks. Even if you manage to file for divorce successfully on your own, you could potentially jeopardize the outcome of your divorce due to a lack of awareness of the legal statutes in play in your case.

While you may have concerns about the potential cost of legal fees, trying to a handle a divorce without an attorney is likely to be far more expensive than you may realize. A one-sided divorce order could pose significant financial problems for you for many years, and you could overlook crucial details that a Charleston divorce lawyer could have caught and leveraged on your behalf. Depending on the issues your divorce involves, you may require resources that only an experienced divorce attorney would have.

The right Charleston divorce attorney can provide ongoing support and guidance throughout every stage of your case. You can rely on your legal team to provide comprehensive advice that enables you to make more informed decisions about every aspect of your case. If you are having trouble separating your personal frustrations from the legal issues at hand, you can rely on your attorney to help you stay focused and ready to address unforeseen variables as they arise.

What Does Divorce Involve in West Virginia?

Divorce is a complex and multifaceted legal process involving more than just ending your marriage contract. You and your spouse must also divide your property and determine custody rights for your children. Most divorce cases in West Virginia have a few fundamental issues that you must address, including:

  • Property division. West Virginia upholds an equitable distribution law for property division in divorce. This means that divorcing spouses may keep respective separate property and divide their marital property in the fairest way possible. When a judge decides property division in divorce they must account for numerous factors, such as the separate property of each spouse and the other terms of the divorce. It’s also possible for divorcing spouses to privately negotiate equitable distribution of marital property in alternative dispute resolution.
  • Child custody. The most difficult aspect of divorce for parents is the custody determination. Child custody must be determined by a family court judge who will verify the custody agreement suits the best interests of the children it will affect. Divorcing parents may share joint custody, or one parent may assume sole custody at the judge’s discretion.
  • Child support. A child custody determination will also include a child support order. One parent will pay child support to the other based on the terms of their custody agreement and the financial needs of their child. The amount paid each month typically depends on the financial situations of both parents and the projected cost of living for the child.
  • Spousal support. If one spouse was completely dependent on the other during marriage for financial support, or if one spouse is unable to support themselves after divorce due to disability, spousal support is likely to come into play in divorce proceedings. The amount paid depends on the difference in income between the divorcing spouses, and the time which payments must continue typically hinges on the length the marriage lasted.

While most divorces will involve at least some of these fundamental issues, other cases may involve additional unique variables. For example, if the divorcing couple had a prenuptial agreement, their divorce would likely revolve around review and interpretation of this agreement and implementation of any postnuptial clauses the contract includes. If domestic violence played any role in the breakdown of the marriage, a Charleston divorce lawyer can help their client ensure this receives appropriate acknowledgement from the family court.

It’s also important to know that you may not need to resolve your divorce through the court system. Many divorcing couples in the US are choosing alternative dispute resolution to not only save time and money on their dissolution proceedings but to also retain more control over the outcomes of their divorces. If you are unsure whether alternative dispute resolution would be a viable option for your situation, consult an experienced Charleston divorce attorney as soon as possible.

Find Your Divorce Counsel Today

Divorce can take quite a while to complete, and it’s natural to be hesitant and uncertain as you approach the difficult series of legal proceedings ahead of you. Divorce is an inherently emotional matter, and one that is likely to influence the rest of your life in various ways. As you begin dissolution proceedings in Charleston, WV, it’s vital to consult an experienced attorney who can provide the legal representation you need to navigate your divorce successfully.

The sooner you secure legal counsel, the easier it will be to approach your divorce proceedings with confidence. If you are ready to speak with an experienced Charleston divorce attorney about your impending divorce case, contact the Erica Lord Law Group today to schedule a consultation with our team.

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