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Every day, many families throughout West Virginia encounter legal matters that must be resolved through the family court system. Family law is a branch of civil law with unique standards, statutes, and procedures that the average person would likely have trouble navigating on their own. In these situations, reliable legal counsel is an invaluable asset. If you are facing a family court matter in the Charleston, WV area, the right attorney can have a tremendous influence on the outcome of your case.

Attorney Erica Lord and the team at Erica Lord Law Group offer comprehensive legal representation to clients in the Charleston, WV area. We understand that your current family law case is likely to influence the next several years of your life, and you may not know what to make of the situation until you have legal counsel on your side. Our firm strives to provide legal representation that is completely client focused. We will take time to get to know you and learn as much as we can about your case, helping you make informed decisions through every step of the proceedings.

Why Do I Need a Charleston Family Law Attorney?

Whether you are facing a divorce, a custody dispute, or any other case in family law, do not make the mistake of thinking you can handle the issue on your own. Even the most seemingly straightforward cases can pose very challenging legal issues to the parties involved. While you may have a relatively firm understanding of the nature of the family court proceedings before you, the reality of navigating them on your own would be incredibly challenging for several reasons.

The average person with no formal legal education or practical experience with the family court system would likely make several errors during the preliminary stages of their claim, potentially jeopardizing the outcome of their case. Filing a family law case requires meeting strict procedural requirements with the court, and missing a filing deadline or making any other errors can dramatically influence the outcome of your case. Additionally, you would need to meet your obligations and handle all court proceedings while simultaneously managing your everyday responsibilities to your career and your household.

Even if you were to manage to meet all the court’s procedural requirements for your case, there is no guarantee that you would reach a positive outcome on your own. You may be apprehensive about hiring an attorney due to the potential cost of legal fees. However, if you are facing a family law matter that has the potential to affect the next several years or the rest of your life, you stand to lose much more if you do not secure reliable legal counsel. A Charleston family law attorney is an invaluable asset no matter what type of family law matter you currently face.

Cases Our Charleston Family Law Firm Handles

Family law includes a wide range of cases, and Attorney Erica Lord and her team can provide the compassionate and meticulous legal counsel you need to confront your family law matter with confidence. Some of the types of family law cases our firm accepts include:

  • Ending a marriage is always difficult, and every divorce case will pose unique challenges to the spouses involved. Your Charleston family law attorney can help you gather the documentation and records you will need to complete divorce proceedings, help you evaluate all your available options for resolving the case, and guide you through every stage of the divorce process with detailed guidance and support.
  • Child custody disputes. Settling child custody can be very difficult for any parent. Whether your custody dispute is a component of a larger divorce case, or you are an unmarried parent in need of a legally binding custody order, our team will help you make a compelling case for custody and guide you through the challenging court proceedings your custody case is likely to entail.
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. Signing a prenuptial agreement with your spouse-to-be can provide peace of mind and help the two of you have difficult conversations at the outset of your marriage. While many people may not find prenuptial agreements to be the most romantic things to address prior to marriage, taking the time to create a solid prenuptial agreement can provide financial security to both spouses. Additionally, creating postnuptial clauses can effectively form a blueprint for future divorce proceedings if you decide to end your marriage, ensuring both of you know what to expect should things come to that.
  • Child support disputes. When parents share joint custody or one parent assumes sole custody of their child, one parent will owe child support to the other in almost every case. If you are facing a support determination or need to revisit a standing support order in the Charleston family court, we can help.
  • Domestic violence cases. Unfortunately, many people in West Virginia experience domestic violence, and they don’t always know the best ways to resolve these situations. Our firm can help you secure a protective order that can prevent you from experiencing further harm. We can also ensure your experiences receive appropriate acknowledgement from the family court in a divorce case or other family law matter involving your abuser.

It’s common for family law cases to be multifaceted, and you could expect to face several issues in the subsequent proceedings. Whatever your unique situation entails, you can rely on the Erica Lord Law Group to provide comprehensive legal representation through every stage of your case, helping you make informed decisions at pivotal points in your proceedings and ultimately guiding you to the best possible results.

Family law cases are not only challenging due to the strict legal statutes they often involve, but also because of the emotional weight these cases carry. The outcome of your impending family law case could potentially influence the rest of your life. Do not jeopardize the outcome by foregoing legal counsel when you need it most. Our team can guide you through your case proceedings and help you address the most complex issues the case presents.

Attorney Erica Lord and her team at the Erica Lord Law Group in Charleston, WV are ready to provide the legal representation you need for your family law case. If you are ready to explore your legal options and discuss your case with an experienced Charleston family law attorney, contact the Erica Lord Law Group today to schedule your consultation with our team.

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